Shipping policy and charges of Decoryle

For proper and smooth shipping make sure you share the proper address and contact details for your order so that we can book for the dispatch and pickup details accordingly

Shipping charges of Decoryle

- Decoryle’s shipping charges are fixed for shipping products all over India. However, we do not charge multiple times shipping for multiple products or orders and our shipping charges are fixed and do not change as the number of products or total quantity of shopping cart changes.

Estimated delivery time

- Decoryle delivers most of their products within 7-10 days after being dispatched. If it fails to send it within the scheduled time it is because of weather conditions.
- There can be a slight delay in delivery because of the National and regional festivals.
- There can be also a delay in delivery in case of the National holidays.

Order tracking process

- We will provide you with an adequate tracking link and details so that you can track your order accordingly. The tracking link gets activated after 8-10 hours after dispatch so you can check tracking details after that time. If you are still not able to track your order using the tracking link make sure you call or email us using the contact details which are provided on the Contact Page.


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